About League Play

The Pyramid of Golf is the program of instruction used by The Live Hands Golf Instructional League. Basic fundamentals like grip, aim and stance will be emphasized along with teaching the feel and awareness of the golf swing to your junior golfer.

The ideas of knowing where the club is and where it is going in the swing is the foundation of the Pyramid of Golf. Swinging the club and feeling its direction will accelerate your junior golfer’s progress through the junior golf instructional league.


The Live Hands Junior Golf Instructional League is a competitive league with an emphasis placed on instructional improvement as part of the league scoring. Evaluations and tryouts will be conducted to determine ability levels and golf course hole match limits.

– Instructional League teams will be players from the same school
– Weekly practices will be conducted one day a week
– Golf course player will be one day a week
– 10 player maximum per team
– 12 week season year round
– Scoring will be calculated with a quota system based on yardage cnotrol for the full swing, short game and putting
– Player evaluations and tryouts to determine starting level for each team/junior
– Internet based instructional program for every golfer
– Registration Fee $50 per season
– Monthly Fee $100 per junior